"Hey Cowgirl Come On In!"

Are you on the verge of smacking your husband or boyfriend,havinin' a nervous breakdown, in the middle of full blown menopause, or slapping your ex husband AND his 20-year-old girlfriend, then you must be a woman on the edge.  We have the cure...saddle up and ride with us.  It's the perfect therapy for what ails ya.  During one of our many camping/trail riding trips it seemed we always heard the same theme, "I wish I could find a group of women to ride with to have this much fun."  So, our venture began.  Some of the women in our group are widowed, married, single, and all are welcome to this group no matter marital status or age!!  Check us out on facebook and see what the fun is all about!

"You'd better start                            LIVING!"

Let's Hit The Trails!!!


Would you like to be an "OFFICIAL" member?  Just go to our t-shirt, hoodie & decal page and order a shirt!  that's it!  No boring meetings, no membership dues, just get with your buddies and burn up the trails!!!!  Meet members from your area on our facebook  page and plan up some rides and camping trips! what's better than that!!!  Any organized rides will be listed on facebook also.
Email us at:

Women on the Edge
1555 Crofton Fruithill Rd.
 Crofton, KY 42217

Let us introduce ourselves...

 We wanted to take the time to introduce our founding members, Cheryl Boren, Karen Fowlkes, Cheryl Durham,and Renea Price.  We all live in the Crofton, Ky area and all, like yourself, have the usual hectic schedules of work, home and family but we have become notorious here for having our horse in tow!

We are just a group of mature GIRLS who love to ride, be comfortable and laugh with others who are interested in having fun on the trails.  We love to camp, ride, fellowship, and of course, eat!

Does the smell of a camp fire and the sight of wildlife all around sound good?  Then escape the rigors of everyday life with us by relaxing and enjoying the outdoors on your horse, whether you have a Saddle Horse, Arabian, Quarter Horse or even your old Mule, we love to get together and ride, ride, ride.  In other words, if you love your horse, we do too!

We are located in the beautiful Pennyrile area of Western Kentucky.  In our travels to various campgrounds, rides and through emails we have met so many neat gals!!! There's just one thing missing....IT'S YOU GIRL!!!!

All it costs to become a member is the price of a shirt!!  Please take the time to visit our entire website and we'll see ya on the trails!!

                                                   CHERYL BOREN

                                                        KAREN FOWLKES

                                                         CHERYL DURHAM

                                                              RENEA PRICE
                                                 (Public Relations & Marketing)

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